Unitized Curtain Wall

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Products Information

Unitized curtain wall is an exterior facade system for high-grade buildings that matches the current international trend.

With the integrated advantages of factory assembly, highly standardized technologies and greatly shortening construction period, it has been the most popular curtain wall with the most developing advantages in the field of curtain walls.           
Main features of united curtain wall:           
1. Industrialized fabrication, high accurate assembly, effective control of construction schedule, distinct economic and social benefits. 
2. Adopting structural sealing between units, strong adaptability for displacement of the main structure, applicable to super high-rise and high-rise buildings of steel structure.           
3. No need to apply sealant on site, no influence of weather situation.           
4. Excellent in airtight, waterproof as well as wind load deformation and plant deformation ability, meeting high requirements of environmental protection and energy saving.           
5. The panels are connected by splicing with strong quakeproof ability.    

•Outside glazed, captured  curtain wall systems
•Split male-female mullion which allows factory assembly and sealing to reduce cost and improve quality control
•1/4” glazing gaskets with 3/8” thick thermal insulator
 •Accommodates 1/4” to 11/8” infill material depending on model
•Infill material secured by screw applied pressure plate
•Snap-on cover conceals pressure plate screws and allows dual colors          

•Outside glazed with vertical structural, butt glazed joints
•Glass secured to vertical with 1/4” x 1/2” structural silicone seal
•Split male-female mullion which allows factory assembled and sealing to reduce cost and improve quality control
•1/4” glazing gaskets with 3/8” thick thermal insulator at the horizontals
•Accommodates 1/4” to 11/8” infill material depending on model
•Infill material secured at the horizontals by screw applied pressure plate
•Snap-on covers at horizontals conceal pressure plate screws and allows dual colors    

About Us
Hwarrior Curtain Wall Engineering (Guangzhou) Co.,Ltd. is one of leading State-Level II enterprise in Guangzhou of China. We specialize in the design, manufacture, installation, export & advisory services of construction curtain walls, doors windows system, Steel structure building products, and adopt the comprehensive ISO9001 quality management system.
Hwarrior Company has more than 10,000 square meters of R&D processing workshops, CNC machining center, CNC machine tools, have a good senior designer team and experienced technical personnel. Hwarrior have cooperated with the Swiss Jansen company, and earlier introduced & absorbed the mature and frontier technologies of Europe.
Hwarrior Company focused on all types of building curtain wall, steel structure project. Our main products have: dot point fixing glass curtain wall, steel frame curtain wall, unitized curtain wall, metal curtain wall, shading & daylight system, European & US -style vertical sliding windows. Our market have expand to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Oceania and Africa, With the global warming and energy saving environmental protection's market trends, by cooperated with the Northern Electric Power University and other academic colleges, Hwarrior take the growing of photovoltaic curtain wall and the intelligent double- curtain wall breathing as our new growth pole.
As the widely development and application, HWARRIOR series of safety products have truly realized the perfect unity in glass curtain walls & windows' transparent and security, such as Fire-proofing, anti-violence & theft, bullet-proofing. With the undeniably value, this system is becoming market trends for the high-grade household and top noble construction safety door window curtain wall, it would be the symbol of achievements, strength and special. Integrity first, focuses on technology, serve in heart! 

Customer Testimonials
I'm so happy with the curtain walls with their construction. I never expected for unitized curtain walls to be built so well. Those project engineers also highly praised the products. Also the wholesale price is CHEAPER than other suppliers'. I will add you to my supplier list.
---Forlan, Italy

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